How To Fix The PS3 Black Screen Error

If you’re experiencing a ps3 black screen error or ps3 blank screen, all is not lost as more often than not a simple ps3 reset or reboot will fix the issue. Alternatively, if that doesn’t do the trick then it’s most likely that the problem resides with the HDMI cable. We look at both issues below.

For your convenience I’ve also posted below a great video by a fellow PS3 gamer that you should watch as it goes through what you need to do to remedy many causes of the black screen error and hopefully get your ps3 rocking and rolling and ready for action.

So let’s take a look at both issues more closely and hopefully get you up and running within the next 10 minutes, all being well.

PS3 Black Screen Fix – Reboot

Despite the PS3 black screen problem being commonly described as the “black screen of death”, the black screen error is rarely related to a serious hardware fault. As such many ps3 users have reported that by simply doing a ps3 reboot on their console, fixes the blackscreen problem.

So, the first thing that you will need to do is follow the correct process/procedure for rebooting your ps3 console. If you’ve not done this before check out the help page on how to activate ps3 safe mode, which takes you step-by-step through the process of correctly shutting down and thereafter rebooting.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, we need to next look at the HMDI connections, as a problem here will prevent an image being displayed on your TV screen.

The problem could either be that the HDMI cable is defective in which case you will need to buy a new cable, or it could be an incorrect video setting on your PS3 console.

PS3 Black Screen Fix – HDMI Connection

If your video output settings don’t correctly match those specified for your TV, the screen is likely to go blank when the resolution is changed. You will therefore need to set your console to match the size of your TV screen, or if you did not select HDMI you will not get any image displayed. Check your TV manual and your PS3 manual for the relevant information to ensure settings match.

To check whether the HDMI cable is faulty, unplug the cable from both your TV and PS3 console. swipe away and blow out any dust on the connectors and reconnect. Next, power up your ps3 console to see whether the black screen is fixed.

If not try using a different HDMI cable, either a new cable or one that you have on another piece of equipment that you know works, and test it on your PS3.

If this fixes the problem then great, all you need is a new HDMI cable and you’re good to go.

If you’re still experiencing a PS3 black screen error problem, you may want to click Here For Some Alternative Repair Options.