Checking Connections & Cables On Your PS3

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Check All Connections and Cables

Checking connections is a basic troubleshooting step, but it’s surprising how many PS3 problems are caused by loose cables, or cables that are connected incorrectly. This is one of the main causes for the “no display” error.

When reconnecting the cables and connectors from your PS3 to your peripherals including the modem and router, ensure that they are not damaged in any way and that the components that you are connecting to are functioning correctly.

Sony advises that the connection to faulty or defective components or the failure to connect to a properly wired outlet, may cause sparking, pose a fire risk and cause damage to your system. Please take heed of these warnings.

It’s also advisable to use a surge protector.

Below we have replicated Sony’s Connection methods for your quick reference. However, we would recommend that that you refer to your own User Manual that’s specific to your PS3 model.

PS3 Connection Methods

PS3 video output connections


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