PS3 Cooling System

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Cooling Down Your PlayStation 3

In many cases the Red Light error often occurs because the console is running too hot, for too long, which if it persists over a long period of time, will eventually cause damage to your PS3.

If this is permitted to persist for too long it may eventually result in other more serious faults developing such as the flashing Yellow Light ,also known as “Yellow Light of Death” or failure of certain components within your console such as the cooling fan, which are quite expensive to fix.

If you believe that your PS3 console may be running too hot, then check out the article Best PS3 Care, for how to deal with this problem.

Take the following steps to cool down your console:

  1. Disconnect your console and place in a well ventilated area. For the purpose of this Quick Fix walk-through, place your console on a table so that you can continue working through the remaining steps of this guide.
  2. If you’ve recently turned off your console, allow it to cool down for at least 30 minutes until it is at least at room temperature. You may want to use a cooling fan or place the console in front of an open window (but not in direct sunlight) or in front of an air conditioning vent. This will ensure that the console is properly cooled down before you attempt to proceed to step 3.
  3. Go to step 3 once your console is cold to the touch.

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