PS3 Dust

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Remove Excess Internal & External PS3 Dust

It is imperative for the proper functioning of your PS3 that the vents be kept clear of dust build-up as this will inhibit your PS3’s ability to cool, which may cause it to overheat as a result of being suffocated of air.

Take the following steps:

  1. First, use a can of compressed air to help blow out and dislodge dust and dirt particles particularly on and around the PS3 vents. Just be sure to use compressed air with care so not to damage any of the internal components by spraying too close or too hard. Make sure that the vents are dust and dirt free. If you don’t have or cannot get hold of a can of compressed air, simply go directly to point 2 below.
  2. Next, use a common household vacuum cleaner, preferably one that has suction control settings. It’s not advisable to use a vacuum cleaner at full power, since this will risk damage to your PS3 by dislodging components inside your console.
  3. Set your vacuum cleaner on low suction. You will want to pass the vacuum nozzle over each of the vents on your PS3 (sides, back and underside). When doing so ensure you place the nozzle at a slight angle when passing it over the vents to avoid creating too much of a vacuum suction. Run the vacuum cleaner nozzle several times over each vent.
  4. Once you are satisfied that you’ve removed most of the dust, use what is often referred to as the “fan test” to blast any remaining stubborn dust from inside the console.

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