Top 10 Most Common PS3 Error Codes, Troubleshooting & More

As you will see from the above video, there’s a bewildering number of different error codes that can plague your PS3 console.

It’s infuriating when those fiendish error codes strike an attack on your console?

So, to help you fix the problem fast, below I’ve set out the top 10 – and more – of the most commonly searched error codes and suggested troubleshooting to get your PS3 fixed so you can go back to playing on your PS3.

Top 10 Searched PS3 Error Codes & Troubleshooting Suggestions

PS3 Error 8001050F

In early 2010, the fat PS3 suffered a major firmware fault, rendering these consoles unusable all around the world. The issue was finally dentified as a bug with the internal clock. The PS3 internal clock thought that 2010 was a leap year and so when the network service tried to tell the console that it was 1st March 2010 and not 29th February, fat PS3 consoles around the world shut down.

That problem was quickly resolved and if you get error 8001050F today it’s most likely because of a Playstation network issue and nothing more. It simply means that the PlayStation Network is down.

The solution is to wait for the Network to come back up, so you’ll need to connect to the Network at a later time.

PS3 Error 80010514

PS3 error 80010514 occurs when your console is having trouble reading discs. In other words you get no response when you insert the disc and you get the error message 80010514.

The first thing is check for the obvious. Is the disc that you’re trying to use clean or does it have any scratches or any other kind of damage?

The easiest way to confirm whether the disk is the problem or whether the problem lies with the console is to try a different disc. If you’re experiencing the same the problem with all your discs then click here for some troubleshooting solutions for when your PS3 wont read discs.

PS3 Error 80710723

The third most commonly searched PS3 error is code 80710723, which occurs when there’s a network server timeout while attempting to connect to the network server.

There may be a couple of reason for this. It could be due to a slow internet connection or high traffic demand on your Internet Service Provider’s network.

When you get this error , you may want to attempt connecting at a later time or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to check the speed of your Internet service. Many ISPs will have a free web tool that you can use to perform a speed test.

Alternatively, if you feel up to it you could attempt to troubleshoot your own network. For guidance you can go to the System Settings and Software Download Page and follow the step-by-step notes for wired or wireless connections.

PS3 Error 80710102

PS3 error code 80710102 occurs when the PS3 system is again unable to connect to the Internet.

Some of the reasons for this may be due to the input of incorrect information during the set up of your network connection, or it may be a temporary fault with the internet connection. If your using wireless connection, this could be due to a weak signal. If you have a wired internet connection, the problem could be due to congestion on the ISP network. You may also want to re-check your network settings.

PS3 Error 80710092

The PS3 error 80710092 is yet another online connection problem. When you get this error message you typically won’t be able to connect to the Internet or the PlayStation Network whether it’s to sign-in, access account settings, connect to a game online, or access or purchase from the PlayStation Store.

This could be down to a scheduled maintenance or perhaps there are issues with your Internet connection. Visit Sony PlayStation’s Blog or the PlayStation Forums to check on the status of PlayStation Network.

If the issue is due to a scheduled maintenance, you’ll have to wait it out. If there is no server maintenance, then what you can do is go to “Network” on your XMB, then selection “Internet Browser”. Attempt accessing any website. If you’re unable to access any websites using your PS3 Internet Browser, the issue could be with your ISP. You will need to contact your ISP for help with your Internet connection.

PS3 Error 80130182

You’ll get this error when your PS3 can’t detect an Internet Connection. In other words, your PS3 is not receiving an internet signal.

Try to reboot the system and get a new internet connect. For tips on how to safely execute PS3 System Shut Down click here.

If you should continue experiencing connection problems, click on the type of internet connection you have below for some more troubleshooting steps.

PS3 Error 8001002b

The PS3 8001002b error occurs when your PS3 fails to access data from an external storage device (i.e., external USB hard drive, media card, etc).

What you can try to do is remove the device and reinsert and try again. If that doesn’t do the trick, try a different external storage device.

If you’re finding that multiple devices fail, you may have a problem with your PS3 console. Click here for further help with fixing this error.

PS3 Error 8002a548

When your PlayStation 3 is having difficulties with accessing the PlayStation Network you’ll get an error code 8002a548.

To check that you have a good internet connection, try using the PS3 Internet Browser to visit any website. If you can, your Internet service is running correctly. If you cannot there is an issue with your Internet service. Click on the type of connection below for troubleshooting steps.

Try connecting to the PlayStation Store. If you are able to connect to the Store, then the PS3 is able to connect to the PlayStation Network and the issue is with the game. You will need to contact the software publisher for assistance. If you’re not able to establish a connection with the Store, it could be that the PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance. Alternatively, there is heavy congestion on your ISP’s network and you will need to try again later or contact your Internet Service Provider.

PS3 Error 8001050f

This is also a PlayStation Network Issue, which arises when the PlayStation Network is down. The only solution is to attempt to connect at a later time.

PS3 Error 8002ad23

This PS3 error also relates to a problem connecting to the PlayStation Network.

As mentioned above, this could be due to heavy traffic usage on your ISP’s network. You could try rebooting your PS3 system (see above) and re-try to sign-in to the PlayStation Network.

Also check on the status of the PlayStation Network. See the link above. Or if there’s are no issues with the PlayStation Network and you still can’t resolve the problem, attempt to connect at a later time.

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