“PS3 Fan Test”

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The PS3 Fan Test

(for Models CECHG and higher)

Before attempting to perform this test it’s important that your PS3 is adequately cooled down and any excess dust that has built up inside your PS3 is safely removed.If you attempt this test while your PS3 is still hot and/or you have excess dust inside and around the air vents, you may expose your PS3 to additional damage, putting further pressure on the cooling system.

So long as you follow the above guidance, it should be perfectly safe to undertake the PS3 Fan Test.

If you suspect that your console is experiencing power supply problems or your fan is faulty, you may wish to err on the side of caution and not perform this test. If you have noticed that the fan is not switching on before the system is shut down, this may be indicative of a power supply problem with your console.

This fan test should however confirm whether you have a power supply problem or a fault with the fan in which case these will need to be replaced.

To perform the PS3 Fan Test take the following steps:

  1. Your PS3 should be turned off using the power switch located at the rear of your PS3. For PS3 slim consoles, simply unplug the power cable as the console is always in standby mode.
  2. Turn the power on using the switch at the rear of PS3 console or plug the power cord (for PS3 slims) back into the socket while holding down the eject button.
  3. Continue to press the eject button for several seconds until your hear the fan turn on, then release the eject button.
  4. The fan will rotate at a high velocity, so expect your console to sound quite noisy at this time. The process will continue for approximately 30 seconds.
  5. The fan will switch off and you should hear 2 beeps and the standby light will flash red.
  6. Turn off the power to your PS3 by switching it off from the rear of the console.
  7. Switch the power back on and turn on your console by pressing the power/standby button on the front of your console.
  8. Any further dislodged dust can be removed with a quick vacuum clean around all the air vents.

If your PS3 console was previously particularly dusty, after following steps 3 and 4, you may detect the fan operating more quietly.

You have now completed step 4.

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