Hard Drive Reset & Removal

If you followed through steps 1 to 7, you ought to have seen a recovery of your system to normal functionality.

If you are still experiencing problems, the only remaining step that you can take to attempt to recover your PS3 system is to try is a simple hard drive reset by pulling the hard drive out and re-inserting it. If that does not work then you will need to have your console serviced. For details see the link below or click here for more options.

How to Remove the Hard Drive

To remove your hard drive, whether it’s to perform a hard drive reset or to upgrade your hard drive, take the following steps:

1. First make sure that your PS3 is properly switched off by placing the console in standby mode (solid red light), then switching the power button at the rear of the console to off position and unplug the AC power cord.

2. Allow your console to cool down if it is still hot from use.

3. Disconnect any other cables on the PS3.

4. On the back of your PS3 you will see the HD side panel, which can be safely removed with the use of a small flat head screwdriver.

HDD Panel

2. Next, remove the blue retaining screw that holds the hard drive in position, with a philips screwdriver.

HDD Panel Removal

3. Pull out the metal lever and slide the cassette to your right and then pull it out towards you. The cassette should slide out from your PS3 without any difficulty.

HDD Cassette Removal

4. Blow off any accumulated dust that may have settled on the hard drive itself, as well as within the hard drive cassette housing.

5. To re-install, simply follow the above instructions in reverse.

6. Ensure that your console is properly connected, then Restart your PS3 System.

Well? Has it worked?

What Next – What Are My Options?

If having gone through the troubleshooting steps outlined on this site and you’ve tried the hard-drive reset, your PS3 problem persists click here for more options.

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