PS3 Quick Repair Guide

ps3-repair-imageOver the next few pages, you’ll be taken through basic troubleshooting steps that should – assuming that your PS3 hasn’t suffered a catastrophic malfunction – reinstate your console to its full functioning state.This guide is particularly pertinent to PS3s that are showing Yellow, Red, Red and Green flashing indicator lights, red or black screens.

If the problems you’re experiencing have only occurred recently, then most consoles will be restored to full working order once you’ve worked through the seven core steps in this guide.

If on the other hand these problems have persisted for some time, the chances are that your PS3 will require a thorough service or repair.

However, it may still be worth your while to work through these quick repair steps as you have nothing to lose and money to save if it does work.

Take the time to go through the guide in the order set out. Don’t be tempted to jump any of the steps. The purpose of this guide is to help you, through a process of elimination, to identify the most common causes for PS3 failures.

The quick repair guide will take you through the following phases:-

  1. PS3 System Shut Down
  2. PS3 Cooling System
  3. PS3 Dust
  4. “PS3 Fan Test”
  5. Connections and cables check
  6. Activation of Safe Mode and Reboot
  7. System Settings and Software Download Update

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