PS3 System Shut Down

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PS3 System Shut Down

For many this may seem obvious but it’s important that you get into the habit of correctly shutting down your PS3 after you finish using it.

Here’s the thing, there are many electrical products that no matter how much you abuse them they give a rock solid, faultless performance.Unfortunately the PS3 is not one of those products and on top of this it has its work cut out for it.

Think about this, your PS3 is probably one of the most heavily used electrical components in your household because it does so many things, not just play games, which means that it gets heavily used every day.

And depending on the working environment that your console is placed, it’s most likely to be running very hot indeed – if it gets too hot, things eventually start to go wrong.

When you turn your console off incorrectly, you will normally get a warning displayed on your monitor when you next turn it back on.

To avoid corrupting data, ensure that when you turn off your console, first quit any games that you may have been playing. Then, turn off your console using either the XMB or the front standby button.

It’s also a good idea to switch off your PS3 at the rear of the console, once you’ve shut it down as described above, especially if you are not planning on using it for any long periods of time. If you have the PS3 slim, that means unplugging it from the mains socket as it doesn’t have an open/off switch at the rear of the console.

Next, turn off all peripherals such as modem and/or routers that are connected to the PlayStation. If you’re experiencing network connection difficulties then it’s important that you shut down your System in the correct sequence otherwise your PS3 may fail to secure an internet connection.

Always, start the shut down process as follows:

Similarly, when restarting your PS3 System, do so in the reverse order to the above.

Start with the modem. Turn it on and wait until it shows that it’s receiving an internet signal. Do this before turning on your router (if you have one).

Your PS3 should be the last component you turn on using the switch located at the rear of the console.

For the purpose of this quick repair walk-through, we’re not going to be turning on your PS3 just yet.

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