What To Do If Your PS3 Won’t Read Discs

If you’re having problems getting your PS3 to play or load games, DVDs or CDs, here are some troubleshooting suggestions that will resolve most of the root causes.

1. Is the disc clean?

Starting with the most obvious cause for why a disc may not be loading or playing i.e. it is not clean.

To clean a disc it is recommended that you use a lint-free cleaning cloth, particularly those made specifically for cleaning CD/DVD discs that you can very often find at computer software stores. For best PS3 care go to the blog post for some helpful tips on cleaning discs, PS3 care and more.

Warning: If you tend to use other fabrics or materials for cleaning your discs such as paper towel or a T-shirt, these may leave tiny scratches on the disc. If you find that the disc has any scratches, smudges, or fingerprints on the disc, these may prevent the PS3 from reading the disc properly. Also, it’s not recommended that you use or insert CD or DVD drive cleaners into the PS3 as they can cause damage to the system. Go to Best PS3 Care for further information.

2. Insert Another Disc

Try inserting a different disc into your PS3 console or if you have access to another PS3 unit, try the disc in that machine in order to identify whether the problem is with the disc or the PS3 console.

3. Load a Different Disc Type

By loading a different disc type – CD or DVD – you will be able to determine if the problem exists across multiple disc types or just one disc type.

4. Delete Game Data and Re-install

This my help to resolve the problem. Go to [Game] > [Game Data Utility] and locate the game data for the disc that you’re trying to play, if the problem is that a game disc is not loading. Highlight the relevant icon and select “Delete” to delete the game data. Next, try re-inserting the disc and reinstalling the game.

5. Restore File System

It’s possible that your PS3 has some damaged files on the Hard drive, which may be causing issues. To remove these damages files you will need to activate safe mode and select “Restore File System”. Please be advised that it is recommended that you perform a backup of your data before restoring your file system. Go to the Activate Safe Mode page for more information and for a walk through.

6. Backward Compatibility?

PS3 models CECHA01, CECHB01, and CECHE01 are backward compatible to play PS2 software game titles. Check the model number of your PS3 (located on the back of the console) against the table below to see if your PS3 is compatible with the game title that you are trying to play.

If these steps did not help, click here for available service options.